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Synonyms for variation

Synonyms for variation

the condition or fact of varying

the process or result of making or becoming different

one that is slightly different from others of the same kind or designation

Synonyms for variation

an activity that varies from a norm or standard


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a repetition of a musical theme in which it is modified or embellished

something a little different from others of the same type

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an artifact that deviates from a norm or standard

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the angle (at a particular location) between magnetic north and true north

the process of varying or being varied

(astronomy) any perturbation of the mean motion or orbit of a planet or satellite (especially a perturbation of the earth's moon)

(biology) an organism that has characteristics resulting from chromosomal alteration

(ballet) a solo dance or dance figure

the act of changing or altering something slightly but noticeably from the norm or standard

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2005) emphasized the importance of phenotypic variation in the future bean breeding programs, and phenotypic traits could be useful in discrimination in bean genotypes.
Among these QTLs, qGT10 detected in Ce258-ILs had the largest phenotypic variation rate.
A total of 90 markers (alleles) that were significantly correlated and associated with studied traits, entered the model which some of the markers were involved of few traits and finally 71 markers were effective in phenotypic variation of traits.
gigas shell shape would explain the lack of correlation between genetic diversity measured by neutral markers and the phenotypic variation, likely submitted to different evolutionary forces.
Phenotypic variation and gene regulation are covered next, with discussion of multicellular behavior, social signals, differentiation, the cell cycle, and developmental genes.
In the wild population of most bisexual species, phenotypic variation is determined by two factors: first, is the genotypic difference between the individuals, and second, is caused by diversity of environmental conditions during the formation of the phenotypic trait and manifest itself as phenotypic plasticity [26].
Growth-dependent phenotypic variation of molluscan shells: implications for allometric data interpretation.
These results fit the predictions of Langerhans (2008) for intraspecific phenotypic variation with variation in flow regimes.
Field-based, high-throughput phenotyping hinges on the availability of a proximal sensing system, including a sensor platform and instrumentation, that can rapidly quantify phenotypic variation in the field.
If the effectiveness of natural selection depends on the quantity of heritable phenotypic variation in a population, what mechanisms are known to generate this variation?
Genetic sources of phenotypic variation include all those processes altering the structure and composition of the genetic material of an individual (mutations at the gene and chromosome levels, gene duplication, gene flow, and genetic drift).
According to Grant (2010) the synthetic theory addresses evolvability in a population genetic sense; some populations have more genetic variation than others and would therefore be expected to generate phenotypic variation ar a faster rate.