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of or relating to or constituting a phenotype


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In this paper, I used a combined quantitative and molecular genetic approach to detect the influence of regulatory genes and loci showing allelic sensitivity on phenotypic plasticity.
The udder length had the highest phenotypic correlation with test day yield 0.
Lifestyle healthcare company Strathspey Crown LLC reported on Monday the receipt of the US novel patent for the titration of both genotype and phenotypic (DNA) expression and differentiation using varying oscillating frequencies of sonic electromagnetism on targeted in-vivo cellular structures.
Keywords: Common bean, genetic diversity, molecular markers, phenotypic characters.
Ncardia said the combination of iPSC-derived disease models with phenotypic screening is a powerful way to identify new drug candidates.
New advances in combining linker and capture technologies with in-depth knowledge of how these are attached to phenotypic molecules of interest, combined with powerful LC-MS techniques such as the Capture Compound Mass Spectrometry (CCMS) technology, enables scientists to overcome these obstacles and better identify target proteins that are responsible for the phenotypic response.
This study aimed to obtain information about sunflower genotypes in the Brazilian Savannah, by estimating genetic, phenotypic and enviromnental parameters related to production elements and agro morphological characters.
Phenotypic screening is a major source for the discovery of first-in-class small molecule drugs, thanks to its 'target agnostic' feature.
This study describes a challenging case of treatment failure of a patient under MDR-TB therapy and reports phenotypic and molecular drug resistance test results in correlation to mutations identified with a whole genome sequencing analysis.
Under the agreement, Phylogica grants to Phoremost a world- wide non-exclusive license to use certain Phylomer libraries solely for phenotypic screening to identify novel targets involved in diseases such as cancer, and then to identify and develop small molecule drugs against these targets.
HIGHRES Biosolutions (HighRes), a global provider of automated robotic systems to the Life Sciences industry, has announced it has been selected by the Scottish Universities Life Sciences Alliance (Sulsa) to provide multiple automated robotic platforms to support the UK National Phenotypic Screening Centre's (UK-NPSC) research activities.
Moreover, a single phenotypic trait is usually determined by many genes.
Phenotypic plasticity has been attributed to both habitat and community structure (Minton et al.