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what an organism looks like as a consequence of the interaction of its genotype and the environment

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We identified five distinct hospital phenotypes based on the RSC-RSMRjoint trajectories: (1) highest cost and low mortality (phenotype 1, n = 14 hospitals); (2) high cost and low mortality (phenotype 2, n = 86 hospitals); (3) medium cost and low mortality (phenotype 3, n = 147 hospitals); (4) medium cost and high mortality (phenotype 4, n = 26 hospitals); and (5) low cost and low mortality (phenotype 5, n = 151 hospitals).
1] phenotype and glycemic levels in puerperae with gestational diabetes (GDP) and in pueperae with type 1 diabetes (T1DP); (iii) to search for possible effect of [Ak.
As the first step in a comprehensive review and evaluation of current options for updating policies for weak D testing and administration of Rh immune globulin in women with a weak D phenotype, the CAP TMRC conducted a survey in 2012, repeating the questions of the 1999 survey.
Proposed diagnostic criteria for the overlap syndrome phenotype may in-dude two major criteria: marked response to bronchodilators (>15% and >400 mL in forced expiratory volume in 1 second [FE[V.
In order for Wnt5A to promote the phenotype switch from early in the tumor's formation to the time it becomes metastatic, the tyrosine kinase receptor ROR2 is required.
With a prevalence of 96%, the most common phenotype is the usual (U) phenotype, which is characterized by a DN >80%.
However, when environments with high phenotype means and variances also demonstrate greater heritability and the transformed data invert this relationship to the point that environments with low phenotype means and variances have highest heritability, the use of logarithmic transformation provides a decrease in selection efficiency.
Individuals who were late bedwetters in childhood may also be a clinical phenotype predisposed to nocturia in adulthood.
Individuals can be classified as slow and/or fast acetylators, according to the activity of this enzyme and these drugs can be used as probes to determine NAT2 acetylation phenotype (Johns and Houlston, 2000).
Thus, this study was carried out with a specific aim to provide a valuable database of the historical, serological frequencies of ABO and Rh blood groups phenotype in the Jazan area for native Saudi donors.
Rosacea's phenotypes may occur in different combinations and at different times, but all are considered to be "manifestations of the same underlying inflammatory continuum," the expert panel wrote (J Am Acad Dermatol.
In this way, simple illustrations incorporate a considerable amount of information that provides the opportunity to determine genotype and phenotype probabilities for monogenic Mendelian traits without the need to draw Punnett square for every parental genotype combination.
The genotype is the set of genes in our DNA which is responsible for a particular trait, while the phenotype is the physical expression, or characteristics, of that trait.
Coat colour phenotype is one of the most obvious morphological traits in animals that is linked with concealment, communication, and regulation of physiological processes [1].
A global clinical dry skin score was determined as the sum of the scores of each dry skin phenotype (0–4).