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Synonyms for phenomenon

Synonyms for phenomenon

something having real, demonstrable existence

one that evokes great surprise and admiration

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a remarkable development

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The 'Black Moon' phenomenon reportedly occurs on a 19 year cycle.
Al-Rubaie visited today the headquarters of the Municipal Council of Sadr City and met with the Head and members of the local council and discussed with them ways to provide the best services to citizens and discussed a number of negative phenomena, especially the phenomenon of firing shots at events and tribal conflicts.
9-billion to address the problems that would be brought about by the El Nino phenomenon.
They condemned extremism in all its forms and the need for uniting efforts to combat this dangerous phenomenon which is alien to our religion and now makes differences among the Islamic nation and divides its ranks and unity;, address in this regard the deviant thought and its adherents and instigators, call for the adoption of moderate thought, and enlighten our societies and fortify them against this dangerous phenomenon.
The report reviewed the security situation in Yemen, and pointed to the expansion of the terrorism phenomenon in the different provinces, noting the regional and international cooperation with the Yemeni security services within the fight against the terrorism.
A phenomenon can expand in size and emerge into a new shape.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: The secretariat general of the Council of Ministers discussed on Wednesday the 'emo' phenomenon and ways to solve it, an official source said.
24 -- The Grease Yaka (devil) phenomenon is nothing very new to Sri Lanka.
Mackinlay works out one main criticism of Marion, primarily in the first half of the book, however, and returns to it again and again, namely, that Marion has overlooked the hermeneutical way in which the receiver of a saturated phenomenon plays an active role in this reception.
Summary: An astronomical phenomenon that appears to show three suns appears above Changchun, the capital city of Jilin Province in northeast China.
Difficulties in determining, in certain cases, whether a particular phenomenon is or is not violent relate to the number, type, and degree of the characteristics mentioned above.
When shooting with the HSC there are often problems with an insufficient angle of view, which is needed to capture the phenomenon.
There is no doubt that the unemployment phenomenon became a public humanitarian.
This study explores the corporate university (CU) phenomenon based on human capital theory through a comprehensive review of literatures in economics and HRD (human resource development).
The result is an objective, quantitative picture of how what is known about a species or phenomenon relates to environmental variation across a landscape.