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Synonyms for phenomenal

Synonyms for phenomenal

composed of or relating to things that occupy space and can be perceived by the senses

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exceedingly or unbelievably great

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In my mind Paul Scholes is a phenomenal player, one of the best I've ever seen playing in midfield.
Eminem recently captured the essence of being phenomenal in his single by the same name.
Aiden McGeady: "We had to start from scratch in terms of building up the fitness levels that he needed and we can already see he's a phenomenal player.
In the past recent years and in the context of a growing interest in consciousness studies, a rather unexplored topic has appeared in philosophy of mind: cognitive phenomenology or the phenomenal character of cognitive mental episodes (1) (Bayne and Montague 2011b).
Phenomenal Marketing Systems" is packed with surefire ways of increasing cash flow, moving from a marketing system to a phenomenal marketing plan, while maintaining your target client base, increase your sales, and generate new record profit levels.
Phenomenal Mag reflects the meaning behind the poem “Phenomenal Woman,” written by Maya Angelou, which they believe offers the perfect blueprint for why every woman should feel beautiful and assertive.
Consider two deeply appealing thoughts: first, that we experience external particulars, and second, that what it's like to have an experience--the phenomenal character of an experience--is somehow independent of external particulars.
Where I grew up in a black jersey it would have been phenomenal, so how you manage to amass 130 of them, I'm not quite sure how you do it.
The real Reading is the last eight minutes, because that's what I have seen over the last three years - a phenomenal character, desire and resilience.
Mum-of-two Caroline Hart, 44, said: "Absolutely phenomenal.
The phenomenal properties of consciousness do not seem physical, and this appearance has motivated sophisticated arguments against physicalism.
Of course it would a phenomenal feat for me but most of all for the team.
The Phenomenal Product Manager: The Product Manager's Guide to Success, Job Satisfaction and Career Acceleration" is a guide to becoming a product manager and what is called for from a product manager, and their impact on the product itself.
Like its close relative, GBPUSD, Pound Yen looks due for a rest after a phenomenal up move.
If he had a fullback in front of him, he would have been phenomenal.