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a laxative used in many preparations under various trade names

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Phenolphthalein contains a carcinogenic ingredient that should not used in the production of medicines or supplements.
01N KOH using phenolphthalein indicator till the appearance of faint pink colour.
Enzyme activity was stopped by adding 1 ml of acetic acid and added phenolphthalein indicator 2-3 drops in the mixture.
Two corrosion-sensing coating formulations are reported in this section: one that contains phenolphthalein, a pH indicator which indicates corrosion with a visible color change, and a second that contains a corrosion indicator, which is a pH corrosion indicator through fluorescent changes, fluorescein.
25 N NaOH in the presence of few drops of phenolphthalein as indicator, until the appearance of pink colour.
1 N NaOH using two to three drops of phenolphthalein as an indicator, and the results were expressed in percentage.
The pH of the exudate with phenolphthalein test was used to determine the viability of soybean seeds by AMARAL & PESKE (1984).
1gm of oil in 250 mL conical flask, add 50ml of neutral alcohol and heat on steam bath till the oil gets dissolves, cool for a while and and add 4drops of phenolphthalein indicator, then with constant shaking titrate the contents in the flask against the 0.
The FDA's laboratory analysis showed that the product contains two undeclared substances: Sildenafil and phenolphthalein, which can result in a sharp drop in blood pressure.
After one hour, 1 ml of the phenolphthalein solution was added and titrated with the standard hydrochloric acid.
Titanium tetrabutoxide (TBT), glycerol, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, acetic anhydride, pyridine, phenolphthalein, 2-hydroxy-1,2-di(phenyl)ethanone (benzoin), tributylphosphite, butylstannoic acid, and ethyltriphenyl-phosphonium bromide were all purchased from Aldrich Chemicals and used as received.
1N NaOH using Topfers reagent as an indicator for determination of free acidity and 1% phenolphthalein as indicator for combined acidity.
Simply 5 mL of the sample solution (water extract) was neutralized with standard NaOH solution using phenolphthalein as indicator then 1 mL of 5 % aqueous K2CrO4 solution was added into it and titrated with 0.
For both catalysts (fresh CaO and activated CaO),the bromothymol blue indicator and the phenolphthalein indicator showed fast color change to their respective conjugated bases, while the 2,4--dinitroaniline did not show color change.
Amid a string of product recalls in late March and early April, New Life Nutritional Center, New York, NY, recalled its Super Fat Burner capsules, Maxi Gold capsules and Esmeralda softgels after FDA analysis revealed the products contained undeclared active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) sibutramine, phenolphthalein or a combination of both.