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a long-acting barbiturate used as a sedative

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In the remaining 8 patients, toxic phenobarbitone levels, renal impairment caused by furosemide and increased septic markers as a result of an inadequate dose of meropenem were reported (Table 2).
Phenobarbitone induced cytosolic cytoprotective mechanisms that offset increases in NADPH cytochrome P450 reductase activity in menadione-mediated cytotoxicity.
Other agents like Sadenosylmethionine, dexamethasone, silymarin, phenobarbitone, epomediol and activated charcoal are not that effective and do not affect fetal risk.
In Iran, Asadi-Pooya [19] reported that compliance was better in children receiving phenobarbitone compared to those on either valproate or carbamazepine.
In developing countries, phenobarbitone has been reported to be the most commonly prescribed medicine not because of it efficacy but due to its availability and low cost (12,13).
Phenobarbitone is still mostly used drug in the World but our Pharma companies have no interest in promoting it.
The facilities were assessed for the availability of basic antibiotics, like ampicillin and gentamicin; emergency drugs, like adrenaline and aminophylline, IV fluids; and other essential drugs, like phenobarbitone and vitamin K.
Her seizures responded partially to sodium valproate (10 mg/kg/day) and phenobarbitone (5 mg/kg/day), but could be controlled by adding vigabatrin (75 mg/kg/day).
Inducers of metabolism (reduce Inhibitors of metabolism (increase concentration of hypoglycaemic concentration of hypoglycaemic drug) drug) Phenytoin Allopurinol(a) Phenobarbitone Chloramphenicol Rifabutin Cimetidine(a) Rifampicin Erythromycin, 'Azole' antifungals (a) Repaglinide concentrations not increased.
Phenobarbitone generic is a barbiturate, prescribed for seizures, and treating sleep disorders.
and potentiated the duration of sleep, in phenobarbitone induced sleeping mice.
A specific benzodiazepine antagonist CGS 8216 reverses the muscle relaxant effect of diazepam but not that of phenobarbitone.
4] gave prophylactic phenobarbitone to infants with perinatal asphyxia and could not demonstrate a superior outcome compared with untreated infants in terms of seizures or mortality.
Abstemious in her habits, she took half a grain of phenobarbitone nightly, at bedtime.