pheasant under glass

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a dish of roast pheasant served in a manner characteristic of expensive restaurants

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Among some preopening promises: a yesteryear favorite, pheasant under glass, that has yet to be served.
O'Dwyer has maintained that a student majoring in public relations is like having "potato chips, a hot dog and a Twinkie at a great restaurant, while paying the same price as you would for pheasant under glass.
He also reintroduces the onetime favorite of the elegant dining set, pheasant under glass ($29), serves up a whole roasted Italian sea bass ($34) and cooks poultry legs (duck, Cornish hen, squab) tandoori-style ($27).
Marvin brings back pheasant under glass on his dinner menu and cooks up a kosher chicken soup at lunchtime.
Escape to a hunting lodge for such rarities as grenadine of buffalo, pheasant under glass or black boar chops.