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conversational speech used to communicate sociability more than information

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Text-based modes of communication obviously make it easier to express intimate feelings, and can thus compensate for geographical distances (see also Madianou & Miller 2012), whereas synchronous media are crucial to co-ordination and phatic communication in day-to-day life (see also Licoppe 2004; Christensen 2009; Jensen & Sorensen 2013).
The maintenance of couple relationships in urban or metropolitan areas demands more "communicative work," which may be a concrete matter of family logistics as well as a sign of how phatic communication operates in complex life environments (Jensen & Sorensen 2013).
Phatic communication was not a detriment to the team with a greater amount of exposure to the shared context.
Further research should also consider whether exposure positively impacts virtual collaboration and what effect it has on phatic communication in other groups.
The key to the latter could best be captured by Jakobson's phatic communication.
But this kind of phatic communication does not always reveal itself so directly through repetition of a single metaphor or "myth".
We analyze the status updates from the perspective of Jakobson's linguistic theory of speech functions, in particular his notion of phatic communication, which has been elaborated further by among others Miller (2008).
What the Profiles Reveal: Small Talk and Phatic Communication
Nevertheless, the downgrading of small talk is shared by a range of researchers on Facebook, for instance Miller (2008), who rather puts the small talk under the heading of phatic communication, a concept originally derived from linguistics (Jakobson,1999/1960).
According to Miller, phatic communication corresponds to the fluency of a late-modern networked sociability and communication--never too serious or too intimate, but merely enough to uphold contact and the stream of communication, simply being "on".
Interesting small talk then would be the kind of phatic communication that corresponds to the new media and tries out new types of indexical messages that appeal to the sensory experience of the audience, possibly by means of the multimodality of the media.
One might claim that socializing has somehow always been designated by phatic communication and "smart" (ambiguous) small talk.
Jakobson's quantitative expansion gave rise to scholarly controversies, since Jakobson's new functions of language were "borrowed" from pre-World War II sources, like Mukarovsky with regard to his poeticalness and Malinowsky with regard to phatic communication.
Lomborg, Stine: Negotiating Privacy Through Phatic Communication.
Affect allows us to examine emotive gestures blending opinion expression, phatic communication, and emotion into one, not unlike many of the utterances of everyday life, which typically converge a number of orientations rather than being strictly emotional, rational, or social.