phase transition

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a change from one state (solid or liquid or gas) to another without a change in chemical composition

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This result can be explained by the difference in the crystalline structure due to the calcination temperature above its phase transition temperature.
The Nuclear Shape Phase Transition Studied within the Geometric Collective Model.
Phase transition for breakdown inertia: 755-810-840-875 years.
This Curie--Weiss behavior further confirms the paraelectric-to-ferroelectric phase transition and supports the ferroelectric behavior in the composite films up to room temperature (19) The C-T measurements on lead titanate (PTO) was discovered by Mou et al.
economy--and a major phase transition as a big jump (or set of closely spaced jumps) akin to a stock market collapse.
Complexity concepts of open exchange, networks, phase transitions, fitness peaks, and attractors are interwoven with spiritual concepts of change, balance, energy, community, calling, harmony, and unity.
The most apparent phase transition related trait is the presence of epicuticular wax in juvenile tissue; while adult leaves lack epicuticular wax.
The previous lattice-based traffic models produce sudden phase transition from free flow to complete jamming of moving objects at a critical density.
We say then that a phase transition has occurred, and the system has gone from the metastable local minimum, the so-called `false vacuum', to the stable global minimum, the `true vacuum' (see Figure 1).
So a phase transition means that we are going from one kind of structure to a completely new kind of structure.
Problems that are obviously overconstrained--or underconstrained--tend to be much easier to solve than critically constrained problems from around the phase transition in solubility.
The answer is timely and accurate forecasting of an approaching phase transition.
This volume should be a valuable reference for software engineers interested in modeling and simulation of phase transition processes.