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a particular point in the time of a cycle

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Two pieces) transformer units of the regulatory power of the transitive / reference 500 MV-A and a rated voltage of 230 kV A 15% adjustable independent of the phase angle of voltage to cooperate in a set of master units autotransformatorami 400/220 kV, 500 MVA AT1 and AT2 and their assembly in places of final destination, ie.
Since the relation between the capacitor across voltage and phase angle parameters, attained back propagation network is considered most appropriate for this application.
and phase angle ([delta]), in a broad temperature range at a fixed traffic frequency (10 rad [s.
The resulting 1/3 volt at full range current mirrors the primary circuit wave shape with less than a 2-degree difference in the phase angle and overall linearity of better than 1 percent of the full scale output.
In both equations, Rm is the measured R filter brightness; a, b, c and d are coefficients to be determined and a is the solar phase angle.
7) set equal, the magnitude and phase angle of the related field current components will be extracted as: For n=1:
It has been proved that phase angle of 60[degrees] and 90[degrees] can lead to best productivity index, then 120[degrees] and 180[degrees] to a lesser extent, and the worst phase angle is 0[degrees].
In humans, lower phase angle values have been associated with conditions such as reduced survival in HIV-infected patients, and malnutrition (Schwenk et al.
It is observed that velocity increases with decreasing phase angle [omega]t.
Rheology is the science used to measure and analyse the viscosity, complex modulus and phase angle of polymer-modified bitumen [27].
The maximum phase angle of Saturn seen from the Earth is only 6.
The harmonic components from the primary windings generate in the secondary ones some harmonic disturbances at the same frequency, but with the phase angle amplified by 6m [+ or -] 1.
The phase angle or the phase lag (5) is a measure of the degree of the elasticity of the material.