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a particular point in the time of a cycle

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The effect of the addition of CR to TPB on the phase angle resulted in a general n increase in the viscosity of the material (higher phase angle) except at 5% CR concentration where a significant decrease of the viscoelastic response was observed (lower phase angle).
The sixth column lists the solar phase angle of Saturn.
To address the need for higher currents in dynamic systems, power-system designers interleave DC/DC power stages that produce currents at equally spaced phase angles.
Admittance and phase angle in the AC field were measured with an LF Impedance Analyzer (Hewlett Packard Model 4192A) in the frequency range of 0.
For a viscoelastic material, the stress and strain will be out of phase by some quantity, the phase angle delta.
This study is an attempt to assess BIA-derived phase angle as a marker for early diagnosis or assessment of staging noninvasively which can lead to early diagnosis and treatment (secondary prevention).
Source current harmonics and poor power factor of the source current are the two major problems associated with the phase angle method of soft starting of induction motor.
The Orbit Report provides a visual of orbit and wave form, as well as data about acceleration, stroke, speed and phase angle.
Through the research on the vibration mechanism and the excitation torque of the hybrid propulsion system, the paper focuses on the influence of the phase angle of twin-engine parallel operation and the electromagnetic excitation torque on the propulsion shafting.
Specifically, it enables the calculation of phase angle, complex stiffness, storage stiffness and loss stiffness, as well as the complex modulus, storage modulus and loss modulus and tan delta.
Bioelectrical impedance analyzer-derived phase angle is a cheap, noninvasive, easy and reproducible method with minimal intra- and inter-observer variability [5] to assess malignancy by measuring altered tissue electrical properties.
In addition this controller family supports the use of enhanced capture module mode allowing for fast (6,6 e-9s) and accurate (32 bit) phase angle measurement between [V.
Test routines include Surge Comparison, DC Hipot, Step Voltage, Insulation Resistance (Meg test), Dielectric Absorption (DAR), Polarization Index (PI), Low resistance (Ohms), Impedance (Z), Phase Angle, Inductance (L), and Capacitance (C).
This output is designed as an input to a power monitor or transducer, replicating the AC wave shape with phase angle resolution better than 2 degrees.