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a consonant articulated in the back of the mouth or throat

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Robinson, "DiGeorge's or the III-IV pharyngeal pouch syndrome: pathology and a theory of pathogenesis," Perspectives in Pediatric Pathology, vol.
Histologically it has been observed that in patients with a pharyngeal pouch the cricopharyngeus muscle demonstrates fibro-adipose tissue replacement and fibre degeneration, which it is thought may account for diminished UOS opening.
It develops primarily from the ventral wing of the third pharyngeal pouch on each side of the most cephalad portion of the foregut.
However, in view of the unusual symptoms you describe, it is just possible you have an uncommon condition called a pharyngeal pouch.
The thymus is derived from the third pharyngeal pouch and develops under the inductive effect of neural crest cells.
ZD is a pulsion diverticula of cervical oesophagus region, also known as pharyngeal pouch, cricopharyngeal, pharyngoesophageal or hypopharyngeal diverticula.
Q I HAD surgery to remove a pharyngeal pouch in my throat but now have trouble swallowing.