pharmaceutical chemist

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someone trained in the science of drugs (their composition and uses and effects)

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Even though I started working as a pharmaceutical chemist, filmmaking was what I was really passionate about.
I seed with this crystal and I get something else,'" says pharmaceutical chemist Lian Yu.
Duncan, a pharmaceutical chemist at Secretch, a biotech company in Birmingham, Ala.
Kenyon, a pharmaceutical chemist at the University of California, San Francisco, who aided in the fulleroid's development.
I was completely amazed," says Braish, who now works as a pharmaceutical chemist with Pfizer, Inc.
This first novel of Genevieve (Gen) LaGreca, a former pharmaceutical chemist and healthcare writer, was one of the top six picks in a field swamped with hundreds of submissions.
A pharmaceutical chemist by training with a number of published papers, he holds degrees from the University of Toronto, Kings College of University of London, and the University of Wales in Cardiff.
LaGreca, a former pharmaceutical chemist and a healthcare writer, created two intriguing characters -- Nicole Hudson, the lovely Broadway dancer who rose to stardom from a disadvantaged childhood only to have her life shattered by a tragic accident, and David Lang, the impassioned neurosurgeon determined to restore her health no matter what price he must pay.
Previously, he worked at AstraZeneca Company for five years as a pharmaceutical licensing manager/management training candidate and Smith Kline Beecham for six years where he served as a pharmaceutical chemist.
An anthology by an international team of contributing oncologists and pharmaceutical chemists, edited by an Indian medical chemist at a teacher training institute, this book gives an overview of viruses that cause cancer.
That's important because when pharmaceutical chemists think about drugs, they literally put nitrogen on the board first, then start drawing.
The new method will certainly be adopted by pharmaceutical chemists, but I expect that polymer chemists, materials chemists, and others will find it useful too," he said.
Molecular biologists, biochemists, pharmaceutical chemists, and other researchers highlight the therapeutic potential of kinase inhibitors to disrupt the role they play in tumor progression and several other diseases.
One of the techniques that has proven effective in chiral separation is capillary eletrophoresis, and pharmaceutical chemists explain methods and applications.
To speed up the discovery of suitable materials, chemical engineers at the University of California, Santa Barbara have adapted a robotics-intensive strategy known as combinatorial chemistry, the same approach that pharmaceutical chemists take to synthesize and test new drugs.
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