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of, relating to, or in the nature of an illusion; lacking reality

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As such, the only integration is phantasmic (though offering a possible transvaluation): trauma may indeed fall "outside (beyond?
Bollywood, once derided as carnivalesque with its melodrama, phantasmic narrative plots, and over-the-top song-and-dance sequences, is now increasingly at the center of a scholarly attention that was, until recently, considered the due only of art cinema, with its stylistic privileging of realism and its avowedly politically interventionist approach to cinematic expression.
Reportedly, the company earned its first revenues this year by releasing new games including Phantasmic and Bluff Wars 2.
Farnell succinctly defines the Thing as 'a phantasmic reference to an unnameable void at the centre of the Real, that amorphous, chaotic, meaningless physical level beyond all reference that both resists and provokes symbolization'.
This perspective suggests a radical de-essentialisation of state power, and often figures the state's 'magic' as a phantasmic effect of its historically specific technologies, practices, and institutions (Coronil 1997; Taussig 1998; see also Fisher 2012; Timmer 2010).
Because the traveling Joe-child's identity remains "mixed up," a function of cross-eyed confusion and "desperate fantasy" (Sundquist 75), and because he is a stranger, located beyond the purview of larger regulatory systems, the threat he poses to hegemonic ideologies of Southern identity is ephemeral, even phantasmic.
And being absolutely Other it becomes the nothingness onto which we project, the phantasmic which Feuerbach, Marx and Nietzsche, each in their own way, had seen as the curse that had closed humanity off from its possibilities and vitality.
This betrays our always phantasmic relation to a Real that can never be accessed, the Real as "that which resists symbolization absolutely" (Lacan).
The "moving" experience of such texts is not a centrifugal journey outward to the margins of what is humanly imaginable, but instead a centripetal return--to the phantasmic vision of "liberation" that fuels the neoliberal future.
The traumatic confrontation with the once phantasmic object only doubled Engel's longing to incorporate "Jewishness" into a redeemable Russian national identity (92).
By contrast, 'seraglio' is a word utilized by Grosrichard to refer to the phantasmic place of the Orientalist imagination; it is the mandatory topos of all accounts of the Orient.
176) By exploring this new type of sexuality, these tourists opened up a "Pandora's box of phantasmic homoerotic desire.
As Obscene Interactive and its partners enhance the new beta version of their debut gaming app, Phantasmic, the market that awaits the game is growing even faster than the company could have anticipated.
17) Within the milieu of madness, "he" would seem to be Hill's anguish condensed into a phantasmic, heckling voice (evoking symptoms of schizophrenia).
The people of K, rapt by the euphoria of their individual obsessions, have so successfully forgotten the existence of Grimus that he has become myth, his disavowed phantasmic presence concealed as much by the perceptual limits of cognitive specialization as by the invisible wall of his sub-dimension.