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Synonyms for phantasmagorical

characterized by fantastic imagery and incongruous juxtapositions

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Swordsman II (Ching Siu-tung, 1991) In the realm of the senses--beautifully convulsive, irresistibly phantasmagorical.
The most febrile, phantasmagorical Fellini tapestries have nothing on Djalma Limongi Batista's "Bocage, the Triumph of Love," unspooled to gasps of approval at Sundance's World Cinema program.
Tertz, a name inspired by a legendary Jewish bandit from Odessa, is the creative dybbuk in Sinyavsky's soul, a feisty doppelganger whose love of :the phantasmagorical transmutes the kitsch of Socialist Realism into tragicomic parables worthy of Kafka.
You may remember their covers: phantasmagorical pictures of death and torture by Hieronymous Bosch and Pieter Brueghel, far from the peace and love zeitgeist.
Our spectacle is increasingly defined by the interactive technologies of virtual reality that put us in the midst of the phantasmagorical whirl rather than serenely outside it.
For decades Thompson - beneath aU his psychedelic blarney a brilliant, phantasmagorical stylist and political savant famous for men's room conversations with presidential hopefuls - could do no wrong in Aspen.
He is then escorted through the phantasmagorical landscape of grief and New York by the grotesquely vaudevillian Baron Saturday.
It's an intensely realistic moment and yet utterly phantasmagorical, as if John Fogerty's guitar had single-handedly transported the youthful rebellion of Jean Vigo's Zero de Conduite to the Halloween revels of Meet Me in St.
So, particularly, the grim and phantasmagorical opening horrifies for the wrong reasons, and we wonder how the same music will fare when it returns, with the Stone Guest, at Don Giovanni's supper-party.
On a more quizzical note, Kelly and Johns also share an abiding fascination for Matthias Grunewald's phantasmagorical Isenheim altarpiece.
Most of the action of the play takes place on a single phantasmagorical night in the 1730s, but Dear, like Shakespeare, always favors dramatic impact over strict chronology, so that years of a particular life may be compressed into one evening.
All dressed up in a s tunning brew of metaphysical intrigue, 40s design and phantasmagorical imagery that draws on sources as diverse as Dashiel Hammett, Fritz Lang, Terry Gilliam, Philip K Dick and, for its injection of urban paranoia, Franz Kafka.
A small figure - a centaur, scorpion, or small demon - often sprouts from the vases, the alembics, the eggs, or drops, which are made out of white resin, a visually lighter and more phantasmagorical material than bronze.
He's supposed to be a young man with dark anxieties and a phantasmagorical wit, like a corn-fed Roman Polanski; but then, the audience might stop identifying with the character if he ever seemed genuinely odd, and so Bacon, who can play just about anything, has to forget the Polanski and deliver just the corn.
This mad-cap, phantasmagorical work demands an interpretation of the most driving conviction to reveal the emotional and thematic cogency which underpins its hysterical collage of woodcut medieval images: hideous terrors of the night; chivalric serenades ; dances of death; rumbustious festivities snug within banner-furling city ramparts.