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process in which phagocytes engulf and digest microorganisms and cellular debris

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2-5) The pathogenicity of the dental plaque biofilm is enhanced by the fact that in biofilm form, the component bacteria have increased resistance to antibiotics and other chemotherapeutic agents and are less able to be phagocytized by host inflammatory cells.
Stimulation of T helper cells is negligible with this method, because antigens normally need to be obtained from outside cells (via phagocytized bacteria, for example) to be processed for T helper stimulation.
The histiocytes and macrophages contain phagocytized nuclear debris from degenerated lymphocytes.
Apoptosis is a form of cell death in which cells are destroyed into sub-cellular particles that are phagocytized by surrounding cells.
Also, some of the cytolyzed gametes may have been phagocytized providing more energy for osmoregulation.
2007), occurs when aged or damaged erythrocytes are phagocytized and cleared from systemic circulation.
Chains of cocci and a single heterophil containing a phagocytized rod-shaped bacterium were also observed.
Saline treated protozoans phagocytized a greater number of beads than Tetrahymena exposed to either weathered or new tire crumb leachate.
Since methicillin sensitive isolates were more phagocytized and more sensitive to killing by neutrophils and monocytes than MRSA, we suggested that this situation may be other possible reason for the differences in the stimulation of the lymphocytes by MSSA and MRSA (20).
Phagocytosis was evaluated as the proportion of hemocytes that had phagocytized two or more beads.
The myelin and endoneurium left behind are phagocytized by cells involved in the inflammatory response.
We conclude that NPs are much less phagocytized by AMs than large particles but are effectively removed from the lung surface into the interstitium.
There is activation of complement in the new host, and the promastigotes are opsonized and phagocytized by macrophages.