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process in which phagocytes engulf and digest microorganisms and cellular debris

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Our findings provided evidence to suggest the production of ROS during inflammatory response in septic patients as well as morphological alterations of erythrocytes during the inflammatory process, and that this modified cells are phagocytized by macrophages and PMNs.
We have recently shown that wild-type GAS and rSpeB degraded C3b very efficiently, and that wild-type GAS was not mobilized to the infection site, whereas SpeB- GAS mutant was phagocytized.
The microconidia are subsequently transformed into yeast, and due to the high phagocytic activity of the alveolar macrophages, they are phagocytized.
And when lead-exposed erythrocytes were co-cultured with unexposed HK-2 cells, the HK-2 cells not only phagocytized the erythrocytes, but also showed increased production of reactive oxygen species, diminished viability, and greater expression of genes associated with kidney damage.
After the coverslips fixation process, 200 macrophages were counted in duplicate for each bird to verify the number of macrophages with phagocytized erythrocytes and the number of phagocytized erythrocytes in each macrophage.
CHRONIC GRANULOMATOUS DISEASE: Is an X linked recessive disease characterized by inability of the leukocytes to lyse phagocytized bacteria Patient with recurrent infection of liver, lungs, bone, lymph nodes often due to S.
Macrophages were highly vacuolated and frequently contained phagocytized debris or leukocytophagia.
Inefficient recovery of iron from phagocytized RBCs may also lead to iron deficiency in the body [7].
A morphologic study on the fate of ultrafine silver particles: distribution pattern of phagocytized metallic silver in vitro and in vivo.
Clinical evidence demonstrates that asbestos fibers less than or equal to 3 millimicrons long are phagocytized by alveolar macrophages.
In turn, these parasite infected erythrocytes are phagocytized by the leukocytes, thus subsequently eliminated.
In addition, as already noted by Matushima and Mariano (1996) on the function of thrombocytes in defense, it is probable that selenate acts a foreign substance to be phagocytized, and other defense cells such as monocytes and neutrophils would be involved with thrombocytes, more aggressively than the lymphocytes.
The number of phagocytized beads was counted using a compound microscope, and the feeding rate was determined by graphing the number of food vacuoles formed as a function of time.
The Gram stain, however, would show an abundance of inflammatory cells that have phagocytized a wide assortment of morphotypes.