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a cell that engulfs and digests debris and invading microorganisms

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The phagocytic index which is a measure of the rate of clearance of carbon particles was then calculated according to Bencerraf et al (1959).
Studies on the mechanisms of phagocytic revealed that pcaroten enhances phagosome-lysosome fusion, a phenomenon associated with fluidity of the lysosomal membrane [18].
Regulation of the NADPH-oxidase complex of phagocytic leukocytes: recent insights from structural biology, molecular genetics, and microscopy.
Phagocytic assay: To evaluate the phagocytic capacity of PMN, the infected PMN were washed with PBS and fixed on the cover slip with methanol, followed by the Kinyoun's staining (18).
The observation of oligodendrocyte loss prior to inflammatory demyelination or lymphocyte infiltration in nascent MS lesions suggests a novel pathogenesis, namely that macrophage activity is largely scavenger in nature and is directed toward dead, rather than normal, myelin sheaths in response to the expression of phagocytic ligands such as phosphatidylserine on their external surface.
Although, the level of inflammation elicited by both; live and irradiation-killed mature conidia was the same (Figure1a), but the type of phagocytic cells recruited to the airways, on day 1 post challenge, was significantly different between the groups.
The spleens had increased numbers of mononuclear phagocytic system cells, some of which had vacuoles that contained similar organisms, as observed in the liver.
The biofilm components summon white blood cells, with their phagocytic enzymes, which actually can provide nutrients for the biofilm; this explains much of the biochemistry we see, according to Dr.
When a macrophage is stimulated, it modifies its adhesion property, its endocytic rates, and its fusion with endocytic vacuoles (Cunnigham and Kuhn, 1980), improving its phagocytic rate and microbicidal activity (Anosa et al.
Neutrophils are highly specialized phagocytic cells involved in ingestion, death, and degradation of invading microorganisms (MacCall et al.
The phagocytic activity of macrophages was increased by adding OA 77-84 and OA 126-134 peptides, which were derived by the peptic and chymotryptic digestions of ovalbumin, respectively.
The nonspecific immunological responses are composed of four basic types of barriers--anatomic, physiologic, phagocytic and inflammatory defense mechanisms.