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Intercropping against onion thrips, Thrips tabaci Lindeman (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) in onion production: on the suitability of orchard grass, Lacy phacelia, and buckwheat as alternatives for white clover.
Similarly, in the case of Phacelia secunda, freshly collected seeds did not germinate under simulated diurnal fluctuations at 20/10[degrees]C or at 10/5[degrees]C at the time of collection in autumn, but seed germination increased proportionately with cold wet stratification duration (Cavieres & Arroyo, 2000).
Use of Phacelia tanacetitolia (Hydrophyllaceae) as a plooen source to enhance hoverly (Diptera: Syrphidae) population in cereal fields.
Back at Paramount, Wardell already knows his blue orchard bees like a purple wildflower called Phacelia, and he'll provide a waving field of it in his rearing tent, and a twin rearing tent nearby.
Also proposed as a threatened species is the DeBeque phacelia (Phacelia submutica), a rare annual that grows in the clay soils of the Wasatch Formation in Mesa and Garfield counties.
menziesii), lacy or tansy phacelia (Phacelia tanacetifolia), and California bluebell (P.
Try petunias, convolvulus, phacelia or pot marigolds, and dead-head them regularly to encourage fresh flowering.
Options to sow now include Phacelia 'Balo', red clover or a green manure mix.
Solidaga urnlifolia, Myosotis rnacrosperrna, Valerianella umbilicata, Camassia scilloides, Phacelia purshii, Carex aggregate, Corydalis flavula).
visita plantas de numerosas familias, las cuales se detallan a continuacion: Aristotelia chilensis (Elaeocarpaceae); Baccharis obovata, Carduus thoermeri, Hypochoeris radicata, Senecio zosterifolius y Taraxacum officinale (Asteraceae); Buddleja globosa (Buddlejaceae); Cytisus scoparius, Medicago lupulina y Trifolium repens (Fabaceae); Discaria articulata y Discaria chacaye (Rhamnaceae); Escallonia virgata (Escalloniaceae); Fabiana imbricata (Solanaceae); Geranium sessiliflorum (Geraniaceae); Lomatia hirsuta (Proteaceae); Phacelia secunda (Boraginaceae); Ribes magellanicum (Grossulariaceae); Rosa rubiginosa (Rosaceae); Schinus patagonicus (Anacardiaceae); Solenomelus segethii (Iridaceae); Oxalis sp.
Three important plants in Wratten's studies include winter annuals alyssum (Alyssum maritima and others), tansy phacelia (Phacelia tanacetifolia) and the summer annual buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum).
It plans to surround the site with a plant called phacelia, which attracts pollinators and predators.