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100 pfennigs formerly equaled 1 Deutsche Mark in Germany

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Miss Pfennig went through a different passport control as she is a US citizen.
Analyzing the data in more detail, Pfennig found that females with poor body condition were more likely to switch preferences to the Mexican toads.
We probably didn't get a lot of hawk predation because we tended to put the replicas in more forested areas," Pfennig points out.
The price for a standard loaf of bread was only one pfennig higher than it had been three years earlier.
They thought the female vocalist was about to sing the Dutch anthem but when the pfennig finally dropped they joined in with great gusto.
Chuck Butler is the President of EverBank World Markets and author of The Daily Pfennig, a riveting daily wrap-up of the currency markets.
At ICS, we understand that a community based on strong personal relationships enables us to connect talented people with organizations that need them, and the opening of the Atlanta office provides us with the ability to do that," said partner Matt Pfennig.
Perhaps the most dramatic example comes from studies of cannibalistic tadpoles by David Pfennig at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.
And the one pfennig coin has been insured it with Lloyds in case it gets lost before the big game.
Pfennig, President and Chief Executive Officer, PSA Airlines.
So many of our large clients have expanded into Texas, it just makes sense to expand with them," said partner Matthew Pfennig.
He was helped by the attendance of his wife Sabrina, who had never seen her husband lose a competitive game as coach and the lucky pfennig buried under the turf.
Pfennig of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her colleagues in the June BEHAVIORAL ECOLOGY AND SOCIOBIOLOGY.
Darboven of Hamburg, have acquired the Transfair licenses and pay 23 pfennig per kilo of raw coffee to the Transfair organization.
Our new Regional Center will permit us to staff more recruiters in the near term and facilitate growth for years to come," said partner Matthew Pfennig.