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large crested Old World plover having wattles and spurs

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In first Furzewick Farm and subsequently Pewit Farm, he broke, educated and spelled horses for a select band of appreciative and appreciated clients, all of whom knew that their animals were in the safest of hands and the lap of luxury.
There is also the black-headed gull (twenty-five plus), once known as a coddymoddy, in Suffolk and a Scoulton pewit in Norfolk, and the green woodpecker (twenty-five plus), or rain-bird, yaffle, and wood-awl.
Dutch Oympic team rider Andrew Heffernan is making the four-hour journey from his base at Somerford Park Farm in Cheshire, and will bring two horses to compete: Lawless Lil in the Intermediate and Pewit Setimo in the Novice Regional Final.
I piped, "a jade pipit + ," I wept, "a fat pewit +, likely lass, a Lyle kilt + "Milkvat Sugarer," a Gustav Klimt + Nan, evocative, a Tina-Nita-Evita covenant + Nedra, reveling nil ever ardent, + , nimrod, rank nard or mint +, O Bora Bora Rob, a robot + , Ole, Maced in Snide Camelot
PEEWEEP also called the pewit or lapwing, these large Old World plovers have an erratic, flapping flight and a shrill cry that can be heard all over the Park.