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annual or perennial herbs or shrubs of tropical South America

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For the last 8,800 hours, this particular auxiliary engine of the Petunia Seaways has consistently met Tier III NOx limits under real life operating conditions and in full accordance with the rules," said Dr.
I have a lot of different nicknames, but a lot of people call me Petunia.
Mr Brooks said Petunia, a two-year-old Saddleback, had eaten a small plastic bag of the kind used to hold fruit and vegetables at the supermarket.
The fall in the supply of petunias largely due to the Saudi ban, on the other, has led to an increase in its price by 30 percent this season.
Home grown Petunia Express in red white or blue and Petunia Easy Wave Union Flag mixed.
Pupils at Binley Woods Primary, Henry Hinde Junior School, Rugby, Provost Williams Primary, Ryton, Richard Lee Primary and St Gregory's Catholic Primary, both Coventry, were provided with plants, pots, compost and gardening tips to grow their own petunias.
We are honored to be working with the talented group of people at Petunia Pickle Bottom," said Tim Bruer, CEO of ERGObaby.
It's the first black petunia anywhere in the world," the Daily Mail quoted Stuart Lowen, from Ball Colegrave in Banbury as saying.
For hanging baskets petunias are choice plants, and the best ever 'yellow petunia' is "Limoncello" F1 Hybrid.
I don't want to use their real names, so let's just call them Lavender, Lilac, and Petunia.
This summer, however, due to the heat, there has been no excess water in the garden and so fungus has largely been kept out out of petunia and vinca plantings.
Using current techniques of genetic analysis and engineering, he intends to first identify genes that might play roles in petunia scent.
A single Tidal Wave petunia can fill in a full square yard of garden space.
When the pie war erupts between the Rhubarbarians and the Kingdom of Scone, all cream breaks loose and Sweet Petunia (a rhubarb princess) must leave her home to protect her mother-in-law, Nona.