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That through the utmost depths of poverty and affliction she had toiled, never turning aside for an instant from her task, never wearied by the petulant gloom of a sick man sustained by no consoling recollections of the past or hopes of the future; never repining for the comforts she had rejected, or bewailing the hard lot she had voluntarily incurred.
With those submissive words, the dutiful wife preceded him down a few stairs to a little basement front room, half kitchen, half parlour, where a girl of about nineteen, with an exceedingly pretty figure and face, but with an impatient and petulant expression both in her face and in her shoulders (which in her sex and at her age are very expressive of discontent), sat playing draughts with a younger girl, who was the youngest of the House of Wilfer.
It would look petulant and childish to spend time plotting against Corbyn.
WHILE France has been forced to join the petulant and (for the EU) economically disastrous sanctions against Russia and has refused to deliver the first of two warships bought by the Russian navy, I see President Putin has made a gift to the French people of a Christmas tree to be placed in front of Notre Dame.
He was also petulant and inconsistent, but, then again, so was Viduka.
Two wonderful players but most of all funny, moody, petulant, brilliant showmen.
BRISTOL ROVERS boss Mark McGhee has ripped into Scots stopper Garry Kenneth, branding him "lazy, petulant and unprofessional".
Washington, July 16 ( ANI ): Steve Jobs, the man who gave the world iconic products like iPhone, iPod and iMac, was a very petulant and mean person, ccording to the late Apple co-founder's biographer.
WE already know this Government is made up of petulant posh boys, but now it seems we should add petulant posh women, too.
That's just being a petulant egotist with a bad temper.
You agree that if their voice was perhaps an octave higher then the good times would at last roll; of course, if the object of their affections was preoccupied by the seemingly stale and insipidness of your petulant sanctimonious friend's life then they obviously had ridiculously high and exacting standards and it was no wonder they were on their own.
Nick Frost, left, of Hot Fuzz fame, heads the cast as John Self, a British advert director shooting his first movie in New York, he finds dealing with predatory agents and petulant stars is as important as making sure the actors are in shot.
He said: "Over the years he's been a real stalwart for us, but today he was petulant and
having to rely on a diving and conniving petulant so and so.
Delap was sent off for twice kicking Wright-Phillips before the City man swung a petulant kick in response which is likely to see him sit out three games, starting with next Saturday's trip to Portsmouth.