petty spurge

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an Old World spurge introduced as a weed in the eastern United States

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Sap from the weed, also known as petty spurge (Euphorbia peplus), is already used to treat corns and warts.
A sample of petty spurge extract was tested against cancer cells taken from eight patients with acute myeloid leukaemia, a particularly aggressive cancer of bone marrow stem cells.
The most popular is the Christmas houseplant poinsettia, with scarlet or cream bracts, and the most irritating the native British petty spurge, that seeds freely and becomes a garden weed.
Spotted prostrate spurge takes over just when you have declared victory over petty spurge (Euphorbia peplus), its cool-weather cousin.
peplus, a rapidly growing, readily available plant commonly referred to as petty spurge or radium weed.