petty larceny

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larceny of property having a value less than some amount (the amount varies by locale)

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The court records in 1828 indicate in a short time period: four cases of petty larceny, nineteen of larceny, eight of riot, one of break-and-enter, four of nuisance, and 129 of assault
There are some proximate causes, including fury over scandals (one involving a famous monastery) that seem egregious even to a nation that reveres the church and often winks at petty larceny.
But forget the jollity, they handcuffed him, took him to the police station and charged him with petty larceny.
Two officers then handcuffed the terrified 12-year-old, hauled him off to a police station and charged him with petty larceny.
Officers in South Carolina handcuffed the boy and took him to the police station on petty larceny charges.
Five radiators were reported missing from Tessner's, and the two men were initially charged with petty larceny.
So companies can get away with petty larceny because the regulating and deterrent effects of collective action litigation have been contracted away.
By the time he reached grade school age, Sante had begun instructing the sweet-natured boy in the art of subterfuge and petty larceny.
They got off to a blazing start via Neil Carter, a pinch-hitter whose modus operandi is not so much petty larceny as armed robbery and who treated Australian international Bichel and England hopeful Chris Tremlett as just two more candidates for aggravated assault.
When Rosie's grandfather is sent to jail for six months for petty larceny, he gives her the keys to his beautiful black Mercedes as well as his cell phone.
Herbert was a junkie who supported himself and his habit by petty larceny.
However, he manages to escape from them with a complaisant doxy, Hannabelle Trexler, They decide it would be prudent to change their names to Matthew Peretz and Margarite Youngblood, and decamp to Mexico, financing the trip through petty larceny.
For example, Beattie suggests that the replacement of public whipping with transportation for petty larceny was in part at the behest of city shopkeepers disrupted by the crowds attracted to the spectacle of whipping.