petty criticism

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a petty disparagement

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Rather than direct petty criticism at Marin, senior army officers should investigate why so many of their personnel turn to his organization rather than their superiors to get complaints resolved.
After coming through so much in his short time at the Parkhead club he is determined not to be side tracked by such petty criticism.
Has it occurred to you that someone's petty criticisms are a ploy to hide their jealousy?
I SHOULD like to respond to the petty criticisms and the unfounded allegations about myself, made in the course of the bail homes' motions in council on September 10.
Others face minimal congregational ownership of the ministry in their parishes, while still others are subjected to hurtful comments and petty criticisms.
These petty criticisms aside, the book would make invaluable reading for scholars of population geography.
The idea that anyone, regardless of race, color, creed, or status, can listen to Beethoven, watch "Citizen Kane," or have a conversation with anyone in the world is a wondrous concept that overwhelms the petty criticisms of the elite who simply do not like anyone but themselves to enjoy the art, culture, and knowledge available in the 21 st century.
Moreover, some fairly petty criticisms of Clinton--for instance, that he doesn't look "presidential" when photographed with his mouth open--don't seem to belong in an ostensibly weighty book.
This column has no hesitation in demanding an immediate end to the petty criticisms which seem inevitably to attend such minor lapses as saying that one horse has won when, actually, a completely different one has.