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lower middle class (shopkeepers and clerical staff etc

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Nasser's dictatorship expressed a major political trend among the masses: A majority fraction of the rural and urban petty bourgeoisie was anti-colonial, anti-communist and opposed to political Islam.
In most peripheral societies the class that has both the kind of educational experience that includes some knowledge of Marxism and the kind of personal experience that includes oppression at the hands of imperialism and colonialism is indeed the petty bourgeoisie.
After World War II, Frazier found his critique confirmed by the growth of an urban petty bourgeoisie, as lawyers, realtors, and shop owners took their place alongside the teachers and preachers who had traditionally wielded local power within black communities.
The turn toward decolonization provided an opening for the men of the African petty bourgeoisie and their anti-colonial nationalism.
Their own immediate class interests are not fully served because the weight of the black petty bourgeoisie is very small compared to that of other classes within the black community.
Rather, according to Hua, they were resolved by further adaptation of communal and class relations: incorporation of part of the Indian and Chinese petty bourgeoisies into the state, tighter Malay control of the state, and increasing use of force against workers and peasants.
The petty bourgeoisie is, of course, a distinct class.
Instead, we see a working class content with gradually increasing its pressure on the petty bourgeoisie to adopt socialist policies.
His populism attracted all kinds of people as he attacked capitalists, the petty bourgeoisie and bureaucracy.
Like so many literate musicians who ca red to commit their thoughts and feelings about music and musical society to paper, Tomaschek's origins lie in the petty bourgeoisie, coming from a family with enough money to be concerned with education, but not enough to have pretentions to social position this regard, for example, he could be compared to giacomo Goofredo Ferrari, both offspring of fathers with some success in manufacturing.
Despite the ravaging criticisms from the mainstream media and from the (postpoliticalliberal) petty bourgeoisie, and the ruling class out there, I thought it was enough to master this craft of critical engagement to impart counterideologies, to not conform with the culture industry, to harness critical thinking, to convince others that there is an alternative to what we have.
That's what happens with his praise of the petty bourgeoisie (with arguments sometimes closer to free-market libertarianism than to any form of libertarian socialism) or with his thoughts on charisma as something built through a kind of consensus process.
As members of the petty bourgeoisie, intellectuals identify their own class interests with those of the state, whose "neutrality it supposes to be akin to its own, since it sees itself as a 'neutral' class between the bourgeoisie and the working class, and therefore a pillar of the State--'its' State.
But ironically, many Black Studies advocates were themselves radical petty bourgeoisie, which, as they became successful in their struggles and their careers, eventually exposed the contradiction between their own class interests and those of working-class blacks whose struggle they espoused.
the petty bourgeoisie provides--informal social work, public safety, the aesthetic pleasures of an animated and interesting streetscape, a large variety of social experiences and personalized services, acquaintance networks, informal neighborhood news and gossip, a building block of social solidarity and public action, and (in the case of the smallholding peasantry) good stewardship of the land--the petty bourgeoisie might not be in a full accounting, a far better bargain, in the long run, than the large, impersonal capitalist firm.