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Synonyms for pettishly

in a petulant manner

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Shaw stroked his sulky daughter's cheek, hoping to see some sign of regret; but Fanny felt injured, and would n't show that she was sorry, so she only said, pettishly, "I suppose I can have my flowers, now the fuss is over.
Neither could Charlie, when he heard the broken voice say that; but, boy-like, he wouldn't own it, and said pettishly, as he rubbed his sleeve across his eyes
I don't know what you mean, and I don't believe you know yourself," said Felicity pettishly.
Oh no, I think nothing at all,' retorted Miss Price, pettishly.
And he pettishly pushed away his plate, and leant back despairingly in his chair.
It is unaccountable that Asa should choose to be out of the way at such a time as this," Esther pettishly observed.