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Well; and that makes it the more vexatious,' observed Mr Crowl, in the same pettish tone.
The angel who is to alleviate our sufferings comes in such a questionable shape, that to the unimaginative she appears merely as an extremely self-confident young woman, wisely concerned first of all in securing her personal comfort, much given to complaints about her food and to helplessness where she should be helpful, possessing an extraordinary capacity for fancying herself slighted, or not regarded as the superior being she knows herself to be, morbidly anxious lest the servants should, by some mistake, treat her with offensive cordiality, pettish if the patient gives more trouble than she had expected, intensely injured and disagreeable if he is made so courageous by his wretchedness as to wake her during the night-- an act of desperation of which I was guilty once, and once only.
Edgar is sulky, because I'm glad of a thing that does not interest him: he refuses to open his mouth, except to utter pettish, silly speeches; and he affirmed I was cruel and selfish for wishing to talk when he was so sick and sleepy.
cried my mother, turning from one of us to the other, in her pettish wilful manner, 'what a troublesome world this is, when one has the most right to expect it to be as agreeable as possible
Oh, it's all very well to call me your dear,' said Bella, with a pettish whimper, 'and I am glad to be called so, though I have slight enough claim to be.
Just short of twenty years after Hamlet, Burton, in The Anatomy of Melancholy, wrote that melancholics 'are commonly distrustful, timorous, apt to mistake, and amplify, facile irascibiles, testy, pettish, peevish' (Burton, 1893, pp.
Not one hour old, yet of sciential brain To unperplex bliss from its neighbour pain; Define their pettish limits, and estrange Their points of contact, and swift counterchange; Intrigue with the specious chaos, and dispart Its most ambiguous atoms with sure art .
No matter what the talking heads say, there are opportunities to be had, according to Ted Pettish, principal and director of investments for The Henssler Financial Group, a $1 billion investment firm based in suburban Atlanta.
Shortly thereafter, Adam dimly recognizes that God is likely to accomplish a restoration of humankind, should he eat, but Adam damagingly imputes to God a pettish and proud disposition that would not countenance the inconvenience and shame of having to annihilate creation:
Her pettish flirtation with an aging admirer, one Donald Fraser, was chronicled by Ellen blow by blow.