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a collection of docile animals for children to pet and feed

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For younger visitors, the robot petting zoo allowed children to pick up, touch and interact with robots including MiRo, a companion dog-bot.
For information on all events including the mud run, petting zoo and pumpkin patch, visit http://Peytons-Project.
The petting zoo, Pet Parties North East, will see a range of large snakes come to the event with registered handler Craig Heslington, giving little ones the chance to play with them.
Bruno Coppola, general manager at Manor Walks, said: "Our petting zoo is a fantastic way of inspiring the local community into thinking about dierent animals and wildlife, whilst also giving them the chance to get to know a variety of species.
A variety of creepy crawlies will be on show at the petting zoo - open between 10am and 1pm - including boa constructers, tarantulas, lizards and many more.
As a way to generate income from a small family farm, starting a petting zoo can make a lot of sense.
AMIMAL MAGIC: Two-year-old Ruby Hackney, Leah Mardell, four, and Alice Hackney, five, with the petting zoo rabbits at the Beebies Summer Fair.
The Giraffee feeding station will operate five times a day while the petting zoo will run from 11am to 8pm everyday.
4) Leo and Ben Perry watch a pony in the petting zoo area.
All of our petting zoo animals, our domestic animals, goats, sheep, the alpacas which just gave birth to two puppies last week.
An array of fun-filled events including a petting zoo will be part of an upcoming animal production show in Bahrain.
The funny man has reportedly talked to the event organizers who set up a temporary petting zoo at The Grove leisure complex for a film, which the couple watched.
On June 8, an investigation was begun by the Pinellas County Health Department; the same day, the petting zoo was closed on the recommendation of the health department.
AN ELDERLY deer has been found battered to death at a petting zoo.