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Synonyms for pettifogger

a person (especially a lawyer or politician) who uses unscrupulous or unethical methods


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a disputant who quibbles

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Paul Sharits, who was my teacher at SUNY Buffalo, had a strong influence on The Pettifogger, as did Robert Breer.
TP: To move on to The Pettifogger is to leap over many works in the past decade.
I do mean The Pettifogger, a crime film, to evoke appropriation as theft.
Thus women could practice law in some areas or cases at the level of amateur pettifoggers, a situation that led some western observers to believe that the Russian legal profession was much more open to women than it was.
Despite protests by political pettifoggers, experience teaches that there is no practical difference between buying an official's action and buying exclusive access to the official.
Pierre, in a mocking reference to Southerners who would take to the courts in order to retrieve their runaways, believes that his cousin will not balk at physical fighting to regain Lucy: "Glen had more grapey blood in him" than to "fall back slinking into a court, and hire with sops a pack of yelping pettifoggers to fight the battle so valiantly thus proclaimed" (pp.
He has [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII];(41) the pettifoggers have a paltry soul and are engaged in a battle for their life or soul.
I've never met a natural writer in this business who wasn't, or just a good one who was left uncharmed or uneducated by Mencken's prose; it's the pettifoggers and pedestrians whom the Sage of Baltimore irritates to this day.
Once told that law review is important, they will soon argue heatedly--as I overheard a gaggle of future pettifoggers do--over the existence of that mythical beast, the italicized period.
urine-ish] liquor, a drink devized by Puritans and Pettifoggers to settle the Spittle of their palats that theire tongues may yet run more at liberty; that villanous Drench has been the Bane of the Butterie.
AND Mr Brocklebank would like to thank all the teachers, cab drivers, broadcasters, councillors, clergy, vice chancellors, old sea salts, plaque designers, professors, pensioners, pursers, gossip-pedlars, pettifoggers, prod-noses, sticky-beaks, sawbones, scuttlebutts, scandal-mongers, shovelbums, more cab drivers, tongue-waggers, tittle-tattlers, ear-benders, effluent-stirrers, rumour-spreaders, muck-spreaders, loose-lipped leakers and cab drivers who once had a key local government non-gender specific community operative "in the back" who make compiling this column such a delight.
The people seem to be holding on to this stubborn notion that calling something a constitutional right doesn't make it one, despite the best our theorists and pettifoggers can do.
For me, this led to the beats and Jack Karouac, whose novel On The Road remains one of the great expressions of freedom, in its style and in its message; surely, an inspiration to any young guy who wants to kick against the pettifoggers and conformists, while holding a pride in his country and a stirring, unyielding belief in tomorrow.