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wearing or furnished with a petticoat

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The first petticoated member," in the words of the New York Sunday American, was more of a novelty in the supposedly sophisticated East than she had been on the Montana frontier.
Politicians, quango maestros and petticoated prancers who trumpet tourism as the city's saviour are clearly not even tuned into the present.
The 36-year-old Mexican actress is probably best known for her petticoated romp with Will Smith in the dismal blockbuster Wild Wild West (1999).
Porter were railing against man-defying women and petticoated preachers.
What does it matter that nudity can be seen more readily and less furtively than in our hooped and petticoated days, that undue stimulation replaces morbid brooding?
The women would do all right if the petticoated preachers would leave them alone.