petroleum jelly

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a semisolid mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum

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The Herbolene Cocoa Butter Petroleum Jelly and the Herbolene Argan Oil Petroleum Jelly are the latest additions to the Dabur Herbolene range, which includes the highly in-demand Aloe Petroleum Jelly variant.
Conclusion: A commonly available lipid based ointment, petroleum jelly, is a safe and effective adjuvant therapy for allergic rhinitis.
Applying petroleum jelly to combs will prevent chapping, as it would if you applied such a product to your lips.
Llanzon, initially didn't claim to have any knowledge of the circumstances, but later confessed that she injected the petroleum jelly in the hope of making her breasts bigger.
com)-- Waxelene[R], the petroleum jelly alternative, today announced that it has teamed up with HoneyColony (www.
They will cover each other's face with the petroleum jelly and then plaster gauze.
Do it this way: The best way to protect your skin from the impact of colours to apply coconut oil or petroleum jelly like vaseline an hour before you start playing.
Each kit includes Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, Vaseline Essential Moisture Body Lotion, a stopwatch with a heart-rate monitor, blister plasters and a water bottle, all in a handy waterproof bag.
Traditional, nonpharmacological treatments such as applying petroleum jelly and combing are very time-consuming and tedious.
Because we're not well off and can't afford expensive blankets, we buy Vaseline petroleum jelly and rub it on our hands and feet before putting on gloves and socks.
The agency is further concerned about the elevated gearing levels, the company's small scale of operations, its vulnerability to oil prices changes and the marketing risks for its new product, petroleum jelly.
Spread a very thin layer of petroleum jelly on the paper plates.
To celebrate the brand's 140th anniversary, Unilever is giving its iconic Vaseline Petroleum Jelly line a facelift and adding a new variant.
Unilever's Vaseline Petroleum Jelly brand has launched new packaging and added a new rich moisturizing product.
Over the years Vaseline petroleum jelly has showcased its versatile range of uses, from being used as a remedy for skin complaints by medical professionals to new mothers using it as a shield for nappy rash.
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