petroleum jelly

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a semisolid mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum

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Waxelene is the eco-friendly alternative to petroleum jelly.
Everyone who submits a tip will be entered for a chance to win a limited edition jar of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly adorned with Swarovski crystals.
I suggest you apply petroleum jelly to the toe and then cover the foot with one or two pairs of socks.
To stop your papier mEochE[umlaut] from sticking to your mould, spread petroleum jelly over the plate you are using.
And Doreen believes the reason is the petroleum jelly that husband Richard regularly smears on its underside to combat rust.
Further investigation determined that excessive amounts of petroleum jelly had been applied to the rubber seals in the test kits to prevent dry rot during shipping.
The vessel's upper deck houses a "living" sculpture of molded petroleum jelly undergoing cycles of stabilization and collapse (akin to the constant cellular transformation endured by whales as well as by human organisms); in one variation of this cycle, "Occidental Guests" (played by Barney and Bjork) visit the ship, participate in a tea ceremony, and transform themselves into whales.
Guggenheim Museum in New York, and Matthew Barney describing his use of petroleum jelly.
The couple also star as a man and a woman who (I think) get married on a Japanese whaling ship, then, in a chamber filling with liquid petroleum jelly, gently slice one another's nether regions off so they can (I think) turn into dolphins.
Shower each evening t o rinse off pollen Wear sunglasses outdoors Try rubbing petroleum jelly around the nose Tumble rather than line dry washing if you can Mow the lawn in early morning before the pollen gathers during the day There are also many over the counter remedies to relieve various hayfever symptoms
You need: a small glass jar, petroleum jelly, a balloon, a rubber band, tape, a drinking straw, poster board, markers
paraffin 5 tablespoons mineral oil 1-1/2 tablespoons petroleum jelly 1/4 teaspoon essential oil A clean 6 oz.
Time-saving tip Don't let earwigs eat the opening florets of your chrysanthemums - smear a 1cm ring of petroleum jelly around the stem below the flower to stop them.
Mark Nicholas, the TV cricket presenter so smooth he seems to be covered entirely in petroleum jelly, on being handed over to by Mike Cattermole, said: "Thank you, Derek.
Petroleum jelly -such as Vaseline -acts as an excellent emollient when rubbed into the hands and nails.
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