petroleum future

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petroleum bought or sold at an agreed price for delivery at a specified future date


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By the week's end all petroleum futures benchmarks had declined compared to the previous week's close.
Over the same period demand for petroleum futures, increased by 848 million barrels.
The petroleum futures market is betting that the price will be $67 per bbl in December 2006 and remain well above $60 per bbl through 2012, presumably rising after that.
Because of uncertainty and lack of profitability in the equity markets, huge investment funds have since late 2002 shifted to commodity markets and more so to petroleum futures markets, be they for crude oil and refined oil products or for natural gas.
In early April, at about the same time OPEC announced its production cutback (which was triggered by rising oil inventories), petroleum futures were falling on the New York mercantile exchange.
Editorial includes coverage of the North American crude oil and refined fuels industries with information on industry trends and prices, market reviews, petroleum futures, refining margins and analysis, LPG markets, energy stocks and weather analysis.
The petroleum futures complex recorded big gains as well on Wednesday.
Petroleum futures helped lead the way, as the July contracts racked up enormous gains Wednesday.
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