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a tank for holding gasoline to supply a vehicle

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It must have happened in the night but consequently you have to buy a new petrol tank or go through insurance which both cost a lot.
But even if you are in an unfamiliar area there's no problem as the cars retain their petrol tanks and if you run out of the liquid gas the system just switches seamlessly to run on petrol.
According to reports, the small fire spread very quickly because a petrol tank was lying in one of the vehicles.
Police are warning drivers to double-check their cars to guard against petrol tank thefts which could have "disastrous consequences".
The explosion had damaged the outer cover of the station's underground petrol tank.
What is particularly galling of course, is that in order to take home pounds 980 - only to pour it into a petrol tank - a worker will already have paid some pounds 150 in tax.
Summary: A man who rode an off road motorbike with his son perched on the petrol tank has been caught on camera.
Filling a typical 50-litre petrol tank now costs pounds 9.
THI-QAR / Aswat al-Iraq: Two civilians have been killed in a mobile petrol tank explosion northwest of southern Iraq's Thi-Qar Province on Sunday, according to a Dhi-Qar securiy source.
He added: "In the middle of the Gobi desert, the petrol tank cracked and started to leak fuel at the rate of about a glass every two minutes.
Since yesterday, just one vehicle has come to refill the petrol tank from this petrol pump.
87 to the cost of filling a typical 50-litre petrol tank.
The petrol tank takes 1000 litres so it would cost more than pounds 1000 to fill in the UK.
Sawpit Sunshine looks decent value at likely odds of around 20-1 in this open contest, as the filly drops back to her best trip after less successful stints over longer distances where the petrol tank often emptied in the closing stages.
The Metro's petrol tank was ruptured and the car burst into flames, engulfing the driver.