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Synonyms for petrol station


Synonyms for petrol station

a service station that sells gasoline

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Currently, commodities such as water, soda, cigarettes and chocolate bars cost one dirham or more in petrol station markets compared with supermarkets.
The petrol station selling the cheapest gas bottle can be found in Avgorou village, the EKO gas station for e1/410.
Malak Fayez, a university student, said,"Perhaps the idea of self-service could be implemented via credit or debit cards, and maybe we could all fill our cars ourselves without having to wait for the petrol station agents.
Dozens of people had sought shelter at the petrol station and in nearby shops in central Accra to escape torrential rain when the blast happened late on Thursday.
A large group of people had fled to a petrol station in the city centre, when an explosion occurred there on Thursday.
People were very surprised, as this is the first time a section of a petrol station is "formally" delegated to women, and it is the first time residents will see Houthi women participating in public.
Lorna, of Warmington Close, Ernesford Grange, said: "e original petrol station faced up the road towards the city.
This comes after a petrol station in Birmingham became the first in the country to sell petrol under PS1 per litre.
The proposals for a new petrol station at the Sainsbury's supermarket on Bishopton Road West and Barlborough Avenue in Stockton were approved by Stockton Council with conditions in June this year.
LAHORE -- Petrol stations in several areas of the city remained closed on Saturday after the price of petroleum products was drastically slashed by the government a day earlier.
Sazal Rehman, whose family operates the petrol station, said: "This guy's been heading down Westgate Road, swerved and clipped a couple of cars before smashing into the station and hitting a pump.
London, April 11 ( ANI ): In a bizarre incident, a pilot decided to land his plane on the motorway and fill up at the local petrol station as he was running out of fuel.
PLANS to allow a petrol station to open 24 hours a day have been refused by Birmingham City Council.
CONTROVERSIAL plans for a petrol station in Bradley will be decided this month.
Qatar Fuel (Woqod), a leader in refined petroleum products, recently opened its first petrol station in The Pearl-Qatar.