petrol gauge

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gauge that indicates the amount of gasoline left in the gasoline tank of a vehicle

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He showed me his petrol gauge and true it was near the empty mark.
The failure to press home his advantage completely took the wind from his sails with his petrol gauge quickly plummeting to empty.
The ring-shaped needles run round the edge of three main dials containing the petrol gauge, rev counter and speedo, leaving the centres free to display information from the car's on-board computer, while Citroen's exclusive steering wheel allowed the wheel-mounted switches such as those for the cruise control and entertainment systems to remain in a fixed position.
The petrol gauge was broken, so you never knew if you had any fuel.
The Lexus Chase also provided a fantastic finish, with Tidal Bay picking up the pieces after Flemenstar's petrol gauge went to empty on the run-in.
She didn't mind paying a pounds 10 insurance fee, but once again the petrol gauge was on red and she had to put petrol in so she could get home.
He has always maintained the 10-year-old would stay the trip but just as Kauto Star proved to strong in 2010, Quito De La Roque saw it out much the better as Sizing Europe found the petrol gauge on empty after the last.
He easily picked up Rerouted on the turn for home and was well clear once straightening up but soon after the petrol gauge began to run low.
The petrol gauge leapt off the FULL mark frighteningly quickly but then settled down to a more relaxed sweep across the dial.
Meanwhile, in future I'll check my petrol gauge before I start up.
As Monitor Closely dropped away with his petrol gauge flickering on empty, Mastery and Kite Wood eyeballed each other in a protracted duel.
Speedometer and petrol gauge position aside, maybe not all the C4's modern gadgets are that bad after all.
The switch incorporates a ladder of lights to show the gas being used up, but the conventional petrol gauge remains to indicate the amount of unleaded in the usual tank.
Too much stopping and starting, needless high revving and being in the wrong gear will simply drive the petrol gauge down quicker.
He has always maintained the 10-yearold would stay the trip but, just as Kauto Star proved too strong in 2010, Quito De La Roque saw it out much the better as Sizing Europe found the petrol gauge on empty after the last.