petrol bomb

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a crude incendiary bomb made of a bottle filled with flammable liquid and fitted with a rag wick

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Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) [India] Mar 7 ( ANI ): Two more people, accused of hurling a petrol bomb at Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) office in Coimbatore, arrested by the police on Wednesday.
But sources said his burns were accidentally self-inflicted by his own petrol bomb.
West Midlands Police confirmed a petrol bomb was thrown at the car in Lambourn Road, Erdington.
A PSNI spokeswoman said a petrol bomb was thrown around 12.
Around 20 police cars and riot vans swooped on Townsend Lane after youths threw the petrol bomb, which came as officers dealt with a man who had climbed onto the roof of the Dockers Club.
According to Kashmir Media Service, a police officer told media that three persons including a policeman, co-driver and conductor received burn injuries when an unknown man first broke the front glass of the truck and later threw a petrol bomb inside the truck.
Pc Helle-Lorentzen was taken to hospital after suffering burns to his hands when a petrol bomb was thrown.
Another, from Norwich, said what happened to the protester was the best way of preventing future petrol bomb attacks.
LOYALISTS armed with petrol bombs and fireworks attacked police last night in parts of east and south Belfast.
CCTV footage of the attack shows an initial flare as the petrol bomb hits Mr McGeorge's front door, and within seconds flames shoot up as high as the building.
One petrol bomb was lobbed at a female pedestrian, who jumped out of the way, and another was thrown at a dark coloured BMW, which managed to swerve to avoid it.
The protestors broke the windows of police vehicles and pelted petrol bomb upon them.
A PETROL BOMB has been thrown through the door of an Indian takeaway.
POLICE came under sustained petrol bomb attacks yesterday after the traditional Apprentice Boys march in Derry.
A petrol bomb was thrown at an Orange hall at Main Street in Rasharkin on Sunday evening.