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a member of a petit jury

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Moreover, the judge could conclude that the complete absence of black veniremembers caused the defendant's jury to be less impartial because of the indirect effects that the mere possibility of having a black petit juror could have on the outcome.
P = the probability that any particular petit juror is black (probability of successes).
This opinion and Re's article could be improperly read to imply that the test asks whether the defendant's chances of seating one black petit juror were affected by the underrepresentation in the venire.
this State shall not be summoned to serve again as a petit juror in any
to pay wage replacement or supplementation to any petit juror in civil
day, to any petit juror beginning on the tenth day of service.
68) In addition, grand jurors, unlike petit jurors, are not restricted from hearing certain types of information, and the Rules of Evidence are, for the most part, inapplicable to grand jury proceedings.
For example, petit jurors regularly make beyond reasonable doubt determinations, which are legal in nature.
234) While petit jurors receive instructions from both the prosecutor and the judge, grand jurors can, and do, receive similar instructions.
As noted above, one of the most remarkable aspects of the debate over Bushell's Case involves the Tories' willingness to concede that petit jurors have a right to find law.
At the beginning of the path was a question: How does race or gender discrimination in the selection of petit jurors affect the fairness of trials?
More importantly, they would allow the whole Court to announce coherently what its factions have suggested incoherently - namely, that race and gender discrimination in the selection of petit jurors makes criminal verdicts unreliable.
15) When several judges and attorneys, eighteen or so grand jurors, two dozen petit jurors, as well as parties and witnesses descended upon a county seat, accommodations at the local taverns filled up fast.
33) Until then, a grand jury was required to bring felony charges, and petit jurors were required to resolve them.
For example, court records from the Michigan Territory reveal that contempt proceedings against delinquent jurors occupied much of the circuit court's caseload--the court considered twenty-nine indictments for assault and battery, forty-three indictments for theft-related crimes, and fifty-eight contempt proceedings against men who had failed to attend as grand or petit jurors.