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small (individual) frosted and ornamented cake

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Kahk ranged from EGP 30-38 per kilogram, biscuits from EGP 22-28, and petit four cakes from EGP 30-40.
Put each truffle in a petit four case on a baking tray, then put in the fridge until firm.
You'll work with hundreds and thousands and fondant icing, put them into petit four paper casing, and the centre staff will bake them in the oven.
Spoon evenly onto the top of each cheesecake petit four.
On a weekday afternoon last month, the platter was adorned with such treats as honey apricot Bavarian, blood orange poppy-seed petit four, cassis tartlet, three-nut diamond-shaped torte, peppermint chocolate cookie and flourless chocolate torte with guava mousse.
Have ready your petit four cases, divide the rum and raisin mixture into ten parts, roll each into a ball in the palms of your hands and then roll in cocoa powder to coat.
and turning it into a delish all-butter shortbread petit four - that's what Helen Dean of Dean's Of Huntly in Aberdeenshire has done.
Spoon mixture evenly into petit four cups, filling 3/4 full.
In the case of this sojourn, it was like fondant icing on a petit four.
HERE is a recipe that you can serve as a petit four with coffee, they are great dusted with icing sugar and served on a napkin by themselves - equally you can serve 4 or 5 as a dessert with some ice cream or a quick fix - apricot puree.
Guests dined on quiche and strawberry salad from Crazy Cat in Jackson and dessert was white chocolate mousse served in Lenox swans, petit fours by Lou Van Velkinberg, and macarons and dainty treats from La Brioche Patisserie in Fondren.
When four guests die at a wedding at the Beaux Reves Hotel, the famous petit fours are blamed.
uits, Sweet pies, Shortbread, Sponges, Crumpets, Muffins, Macaroons, Traybakes, Meringues, Petit fours and cooked and uncooked pastry cases.
By: Anna Bersen Darb 1718's gallery in Old Cairo is buzzing with people speaking French, flashing camera lights and waiters serving white wine and petit fours.
For the miniature challenge, judges Cherish Finden and Benoit Blin ask the teams to create 72 designer viennoiserie and 72 rolled petit fours.