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Synonyms for petechia

a mark on the skin indicative of a disease, as typhus


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a minute red or purple spot on the surface of the skin as the result of tiny hemorrhages of blood vessels in the skin (as in typhoid fever)

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28% patients (GI bleed-18% patients, petechial rashes-6%, haematuria-2% and epistaxis-2%).
It is generally characterized by petechial and pigmentary macules involving the lower extremities.
The observed petechial hemorrhage on the serous membranes along with serosanguineous fluids in the thoracic and abdominal cavities were indicative of septicemic changes.
To the Editor: The symptoms of cerebral fat embolism (CFE) are often a triad of acute respiratory failure, unconsciousness, and petechial rash after a symptom-free interval of 12–24 h following trauma.
So close was Arlene to dying with the petechial haemorrhaging in that attack that she was the only live victim we ever had examined by a pathologist.
The findings were as follows: oesophagus--diffuse petechial haemorrhages (Fig.
Conjunctival findings like hyperemia, petechial hemorrhages and papillary or follicular reaction is seen.
On postmortem examination, cloudy air sacs, petechial hemorrhages on serosal membranes and focal hepatic necrosis were observed.
The physical examination revealed a disseminated petechial rash over her body; pulmonary auscultation showed diffuse rhonchi and diminished respiratory sounds at the left lung base.
In addition, acute infarct, petechial hemorrhage, myelinolysis, and calcium deposition have also been postulated [6, 7].
The amount of hemorrhage varies widely from small petechial lesions to large intracerebral hematoma.
Petechial hemorrhages over face, neck, chest, and limbs were found in 12 (11.
5 cm wide ligature mark (Figure-2b) beginning from the front side of the neck, and superficially running upwards on both sides of the neck but ending at the ear level, diffuse petechial haemorrhages on the face, an injection mark with ecchymosis on the left elbow internal plica and petechial haemorrhages on the surface of the thymus.
Subserosal petechial hemorrhages were found all over the body.