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regulator consisting of a small cock or faucet or valve for letting out air or releasing compression or draining

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I turned up the heat on my stove and prayed I had the petcock on just right--not too loose and not too tight.
I turned off the flame and slowly, at an arm's-length with the kitchen towel over it, began to unscrew the petcock to release the pressure.
They were fitted with a dial gauge, a vent pipe in the form of a petcock or covered with a counterweight, and a safety fuse.
To vent a canner, leave the vent pipe (steam vent) uncovered (or manually open the petcock on some older models) after you fill the canner and lock the canner lid in place.
Leave the weight off the vent pipe or open the petcock.
Heat until the water boils and steam flows freely in a funnel-shape from the open vent pipe or petcock.
Over-pressurization bleed valves have missing petcocks (butterfly valves).