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Synonyms for petalous

(of flowers) having petals

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ceae nectary glands Epacridaceae Staminodes repre- sented by a cluster of ante- petalous glands (1); or hair bun- dles on corolla tube (2) Euphorbiaceae "Ecailles ou glan- des de nature staminodiale avec loges d'an- theres steriles" (1); staminodial origin of inner or outer whorl (3 stamen whorls) (2) Fabaceae Disk as sterilized branches of the androecium Flacourtiaceae Antepetalous (Figs.
The unnatural luxuriance of the plant's petalous form at first glance strikes the eye as a performance in haute couture, an extravagant draping in accessory foliature borrowed from an adjacent naked stamen: a "pseudoplant," then, in the manner of Joan Fontcuberta, though infinitely more elegant.
Petalous degree (PDgr) was calculated according to Buzza (1983):
Distribution for petalous degree (PDgr) at Gottingen, Germany, 1997-1998 (GOE) and Hangzhou, China, 1998-1999 (HAN).
Abbreviations: CMS, cytoplasmic male sterility; EMS, ethyl methane sulfonate; PDgr, petalous degree.