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a sauce typically served with pasta

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Add 25g basil and 60g grated Parmesan cheese to the pesto mix, blend again, then drizzle in 4 tbsp olive oil with the motor running.
In a pan, mix chicken stock and remaining pesto sauce.
Add the pesto, dotting it around the sea bass on the plate, and top the fish with the deep fried leeks.
In a bowl, coat the courgetti spaghetti with the pesto, then divide between bowls and top with the lovely grapefruit pieces.
Patient A received the pesto from a family member who had purchased several jars in May 2014 at a farm stand in San Clemente, California.
Combine the cooked gnocchi and pesto, mix with the roasted vegetables and serve.
Co-owners Neil Gatt and Sara Edwards opened their first Pesto restaurant in 2006 and were one of the first restaurant groups to bring the idea of authentic Italian piattini to the UK, giving customers the chance to enjoy a number of smaller Italian dishes during one meal.
An acknowledgement will safeguard the identity and authenticity of Genoese pesto and enhance the tradition of the home-made pestle and mortar product.
Pesto Sutton Coldfield has partnered with the Heart of England Charity to support the hospital's Holly Grice, deputy manager of Pesto, said: "When we heard about the Good Hope Hospital's Christmas Toy Appeal we wanted to help out.
El arroz, como absorbe mucho todas las sustancias, es el vehiculo ideal para cualquier sabor, sobre todo si es fuerte como en el caso del pesto.
But Genoa, Italy's sixth largest city, has also given the world pesto, the basil sauce that's now inescapable on menus each summer: slathered on sandwiches, grilled onto chicken breast, placed atop California-style pizzas and the like.
Pesto at the Axe & Compass, on Five Ways just outside Hinckley, opened last year thanks to a PS450,000 joint investment from Pesto Restaurants and Punch "Taverns which saw the historic pub undergo an extensive refurbishment.
PVC Board 3x3 Each Pesto, PVC Board 4x4 Each Pesto, PVC Board 7x4 Each Pesto, PVC Board 8x10 Each Pesto, PVC Board 8x6 Each Pesto, PVC Wire 3/20,91 mtrs per coil Cona, PVC Wire 7/20,Copper Un sheeted per coil Cona, PVC Wire 7/20,Copper Un sheeted per coil Telcom, Remote Calling bell Each Sony, Stabilizer 2 KV Each Havells
It is great in soups, sauces, salads, purees and in particular the way I'm using it today – in a pesto.