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Synonyms for pestle

machine consisting of a heavy bar that moves vertically for pounding or crushing ores

a heavy tool of stone or iron (usually with a flat base and a handle) that is used to grind and mix material (as grain or drugs or pigments) against a slab of stone

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a club-shaped hand tool for grinding and mixing substances in a mortar

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grind, mash or pulverize in a mortar

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The mortar bit is the heavy bowl into which you put your herbs, spices or nuts and the pestle is the heavy hand held grinder you grind them with.
However, 'pestle' without 'mortar' offered only 546,000 hits, indicating that less than one in 20 pestles came without a mortar.
At this early stage in identifying stone pestle and mortar style zones, the Willaumez Peninsula in New Britain stands out as a 'hub' of social interaction because the eastern end of mainland bossed mortars overlaps with the western boundary of the island footed mortars (Figure 5).
Generally considered to have originally come from Genoa, northern Italy, Pesto alla Genovese is a thick sauce comprising basil, salt and garlic, crushed together in a mortar and pestle before the addition of crushed pine nuts, Italian hard cheese (such as Parmesan) and olive oil.
The porcelain mortar and pestle sets have a wider base to prevent spices and other ingredients from "popping" out of the mortar when grinding.
Heat the fennel seeds in a pan for a few minutes and crush in a pestle and mortar or with the back of a spoon.
Teachers under their supervision encounter conflict in their efforts to educate children (Cornille, Pestle, and Vanwy, 1999).
In this kitchen scene, the common utensils used in preparing food (mortar and pestle, pots, ladles, bowl, jugs) have at least as important a place as the preparers themselves.
For example, when she was confused about exfoliating scrubs, she dreamt of an old Native American woman with a pestle and mortar, telling her to combine the dry ingredients first for best results.
Tablet crushing is made easy, accurate, and neat with the UltraCrush[TM], which has a mortar and pestle designed to meet the purity, dispensing accuracy, and high-durability requirements of nursing homes and home healthcare environments.
Contact Name/Title: Jody Pestle, Administrative Assistant
If there was any grinding to be done, it was with a mortar and pestle.
Savoury Fondue and Pestle and Mortar sets are new for the kitchen, while a Bathtime Indulgence gift set joins the non-food offerings.
fingers around pestle thumb fingers holding silver mortar