pesticide poisoning

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toxic condition resulting from ingesting or inhaling a pesticide

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The effect is Oregon regulations that encourage forest practices that result in pesticide poisoning.
We previously found a higher prevalence of depression among male applicators who reported past pesticide poisoning or use of pesticides from several different classes (Beseler et al.
Public health is not a joke," said Jassim Mohammed Faroosha, a Dubai Municipality official who handles pesticide poisoning cases, in an interview to Khaleej Times.
The department of forensic sciences and criminology recently held specialised workshops to help police officers detect and trace pesticide poisoning safely.
and attributes pesticide poisoning to end-users who are 'highly irresponsible'.
In all cases, the dogs have suddenly become paralyzed and the treating veterinarian has narrowed the possible causes to pesticide poisoning or an autoimmune paralysis.
The topics discussed include wildlife ownership, defining a crime scene and collecting physical evidence, wildlife forensic pathology and toxicology in wound analysis and pesticide poisoning, identifying reptile skin products using scale morphology, forensic DNA analysis of wildlife evidence, and using mitochondrial DNA sequences for wildlife forensics in Thailand.
Acute pesticide poisoning in rural area of Sri Lanka is determined by a combination of socio-demographic and psychological factors (Van der Hoek and Konradsen 2005).
Most birds of prey have enjoyed a period of recovery after the disaster of organochlorine pesticide poisoning during the 1950s-60s.
The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 300,000 farm workers suffer acute pesticide poisoning each year.
MUSCAT: According to the WHO, worldwide, an estimated three million cases of pesticide poisoning occur every year, resulting in an excess of 250,000 deaths.
Eventually, tests by a clinical ecology doctor proved the cause to be pesticide poisoning.
Hunting, loss of foraging habitat and pesticide poisoning are considered to be the main reasons that caused a rapid loss of colonies in recent decades.
He added: "Peregrines have taken 30 years to recover from the devastating effects of pesticide poisoning and still we find them targeted by people who hold a grudge against them.
Peregrines have taken 20 years to recover from the devastating effects of pesticide poisoning and now, just as they starting to do well, we find they are increasingly targeted by people who, for reasons of their own, hold a grudge against them.
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