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Synonyms for pessimistic

Synonyms for pessimistic

marked by little hopefulness

Antonyms for pessimistic

expecting the worst possible outcome

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But, including in "action" that literary production in which the line of his own proper activity lay, he followed--followed often--that fastidious utterance to a cynical and pessimistic conclusion.
After the fashion of woman directly she is not perfectly warm and perfectly comfortable, I began to consider the uncertainty of human life, and to shake my head in gloomy approval as lugubrious lines of pessimistic poetry suggested themselves to my mind.
It will be remembered that in Schopenhauer's ethics, pity is elevated to the highest place among the virtues, and very consistently too, seeing that the Weltanschauung is a pessimistic one.
MIDDLE market businesses in the North East have become more pessimistic about both the short and long term prospects of the UK economy, according to a poll by accountancy firm RSM.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Minister of Petroleum Bijan Zanganeh says he is not pessimistic with OPEC.
LESS well-off and older people in Wales tend to be more optimistic about the future post-Brexit while those who are better off and younger are more likely to be pessimistic, an opinion poll has revealed.
During FY2016, the presentation of this sector as a whole remained dismal as it recorded a pessimistic growth of 0.
Global Banking News-April 28, 2016--South Korean central bank head says no need to be pessimistic about economic outlook
2014) divided the infected status into two states, namely, optimistic subjects (O) and pessimistic subjects (P), based on the SISa model.
CYPRIOTS feel pessimistic when it comes to their future, the economy, unemployment and the EU, according to the latest results of the Europe-wide Eurobarometer.
If we beat Hull then we're a quarter of the way to 40 points - call me pessimistic, but that's the way I'm going to keep looking at it until we're safe.
An increasing number of executives are pessimistic about the 2013 outlook for their credit unions because of more regulations, low interest rates and a weak economic recovery, according to a Web survey of 271 credit union leaders by Abound Resources, an Austin, Texas-based management consulting firm.
chief financial officers (CFO) are more pessimistic about their companies' prospects this quarter, a new survey has revealed.
For this study the researchers recruited a random sample of college men and women (N = 390) and examined whether a pessimistic explanatory style mediated the relationship between childhood emotional abuse and frequency of nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI) in the past year.
SMALL businesses in Wales are considerably less pessimistic than they were at the end of last year, a new study revealed.