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a contraceptive device consisting of a flexible dome-shaped cup made of rubber or plastic

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Recipharm and Laccure AB have now signed an agreement for commercial production of Laccure Pessary and the exact date for the launch will be announced next year.
In their study nearly two-thirds of women opted for vaginal pessary treatment (n=429) v.
Swedish-based Laccure has developed a new health product, Laccure Pessary, for the treatment and prevention of bacterial vaginosis in women, it was reported yesterday.
In this study, 146 women were randomly assigned to the behavioral therapy group, which consisted of instructions for pelvic floor muscle exercises as well as strategies to prevent incontinence, 149 women were randomly assigned to the pessary only group, and 151 women were randomly assigned to receive both therapies.
It appeared that our patient had POP for years and there had been a previous attempt to treat it with a pessary.
Reports of pessary use date back to ancient Egypt and ancient Greeks.
Thrush can be easily treated with a tablet by mouth or a vaginal pessary.
Pessary It's a wild boar, ventures a friend, duped by the dactyl peccary, while to me sheer euphony suggests Pessary (n.
Since February last year, I have been running a vaginal pessary clinic at Counties Manukau District Health Board's (DHB) outpatients/ambulatory care service.
The best treatment is hormone replacement, as a cream or internal pessary, in courses three months long.
Did he order the pessary and ointment in consultation with his wife but intend the photos for himself?
This would mean applying it as a cream or pessary, rather than swallowing a tablet, said Dr Hampson.
This implies that, for this treatment to work, it would need to be locally applied as a cream or pessary," he added.
better cheered, cross wires with words and make them weird: Pessary,