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Synonyms for peso

the basic unit of money in Uruguay

the basic unit of money in the Philippines

the basic unit of money in Mexico

the basic unit of money in Guinea-Bissau

the basic unit of money in the Dominican Republic

the basic unit of money in Cuba

the basic unit of money in Colombia

the basic unit of money in Chile

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The dollar was removed from circulation five months ago and replaced by the peso convertible as Cuba's primary currency for most consumer goods like electronics, clothing and food not provided through state rations.
The unification of the two currencies is expected to be a gradual process that will take up to 18 months, say Cuban economists, and will involve devaluing the CUC and perhaps revaluing the peso somewhat.
En 12 pacientes estables se continuaron analisis con bioimpedancia en la sesion de mitad de semana, durante 4 semanas para evaluar las variaciones de peso seco segun juicio clinico y los cambios en los parametros medidos por bioimpedancia vectorial.
La seleccion de vaquillas se realiza de acuerdo al peso vivo, fenotipo y fertilidad.
Asocolflores, the business group representing flower growers, says the strong peso has caused the sector's worst crisis in nearly half a century.
At this level, you try to teach the game," said Peso, whose club wrapped up its season last week.
It is a good time to look forward to because as an indicator, the peso's performance against the dollar has simply been stupendous,'' President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo said, even calling the peso the ''best performing currency in the world.
The IDB then gives the money in pesos to Banobras, which, in turn, distributes the peso loans to individual states and municipalities which, by law, can only borrow in pesos.
dollar and that also expressed against the peso,'' Loo said.
Monday's average was the highest value of the peso since April 16, 2001 when it also hit the 49 level.
Many commentators blame Argentina's current economic problems on its decision to peg the peso one-for-one to the U.
1 billion peso ($15 billion) national budget for 1999 is 8.
On December 20, 1994, the government of Mexico announced the devaluation of its currency, surprising financial markets and precipitating the so-called Mexican peso crisis.
Major and continuous devaluations of a nation's currency have long been a reality of the global economy, with the recent peso crisis in Mexico among the more newsworthy.