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formerly the basic unit of money in Spain

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Woolton THERE was a short overlap period when shops in Spain accepted both pesetas and euros, but now only the euro is legal tender.
For my part a beer and a plate of tapas has me staring at my euro shrapnel, trying to convert euros into sterling, sterling into pesetas and back again - while also trying to look both confident and blase.
Any money you have already changed into pesetas and any future foreign exchange deals between now and January will not be affected, as you will get a fixed conversion rate of one euro for 166.
Very often people keep a few pesetas or lira just in case they ever return to that country, but many are not aware that they won't be able to use them after February next year.
After that, you cannot spend pesetas but you can change them into euros at a bank.
96 less for pounds 300 worth of pesetas than a year ago, while visitors to Greece will do even better, saving pounds 38.
And with the Spanish peseta dipping at the moment, holidays to any part of Spain are better value than ever.
SUNSEEKERS can get more pina colada for their peseta and drive further for their drachma if they choose their destination wisely.
Margins in his sector are slim "One peseta on a can (0.
So a variety of providers were asked what they would charge for 47,000 pesetas (around pounds 200) in cash and 115,000 pesetas (around pounds 500) in peseta travellers' cheques.
Spain is a particularly good place to buy right now because while the pound is strong, the peseta is weak, and you can buy homes at amazing prices," says Stuart Shield, publisher of International Property and Traveller magazine.
This has been followed by depreciation of the Italian lira, the Swedish kroner, the UK pound sterling, the Spanish peseta and the Portuguese escudo.
We are pleased that Vio is able to put its products and services in the hands of interested customers, regardless of whether their local currency is Euro, Japanese Yen or Spanish Peseta, while allowing Vio to price and receive revenue as they please.
The peseta has remained well above the psychologically important level of 250 peseta to pounds 1 so far in 2000 and shows no sign of pulling back,' he said.
This figure has been influenced by the depreciation of local currencies with respect to the peseta and by the impact of bad debt on some operators, as a result of the economic situation in the region.