pes cavus

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a deformity of the foot characterized by an abnormally high arch and hyperextension of the toes which gives the foot the appearance of a claw

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Burns J, Crosbie J, Hunt A, Ouvrier R (2005) The effect of pes cavus on foot pain and plantar pressure.
The prevalence of flat feet and pes cavus according to the Chippaux-Smirak index and Clarke's index in the sample as a whole and by age groups is also shown in Table 1.
Skeletal deformities (mallet finger, kyphoscoliosis, dome palate, pes cavus, pes planus, and echonivarus) are rather frequent.
17) Contrary to reports in the literature, our patient did not present with pes cavus but rather presented with bilateral pes planus.
68) Pes cavus is present when the CTA is more horizontal than normal and the CIA exceeds 40[degrees].
Association has been reported with musculoskeletal (genu valgus, pes cavus, myositis ossificans, absence of flexor digitorum superficialis tendon in the little finger) and cardiovascular abnormalities.
Patients "who walked more on the lateral hindfoot and those with pes cavus [high arch] were unlikely to respond to lateral wedges.
Pes planus, pes cavus, dizde artmis Q acisi, asiri ayak pronasyonu, bacak uzunluk farki, asiri eklem hiper- mobilitesi gibi anatomik etkenler de yaralanma nedenleri arasinda olup, spora ilk baslama lisans muayenelerinde saptanarak, gerekli tedaviye alinmalidir (9).
Unlike most cases of flat feet, pes cavus can be painful because of metatarsal compression.